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Mould & Damp Prevention

We have been fixing damp walls in Coventry & Warwickshire for over 20 years and have built a solid reputation around Warwickshire for delivering quality work that lasts earning 'Top Rated' status across Google in Coventry & Warwickshire for our plastering and damp wall repairs. We have found there to be some common causes of this type of damp particularly  in old homes

Our customers are often surprised to learn that 95% of black spot mould growth is caused by internal moisture content that condenses on certain types of materials and surfaces. Some of these surfaces promote the growth of black spot mould. 

Adequate airflow is a necessary component in the prevention of condensation and mould growth on walls and ceilings however, Sufficient airflow alone will not always completely stop mould from forming and this is why Insulating your walls & ceilings and raising the thermal resistance of the surface is an effective and permanent solution to fixing black spot mould and damp walls in Coventry & Warwickshire.

Prolonged exposure to black spot mould can be harmful and lead to significant health problems.  If you have this type of mould in your home it should be removed immeadiatley and preventative measures put in place to stop the growth of the mould.

How to remove and prevent black spot mould?

Unfortunately, Just scrubbing the mould away with soap and water or household bleach will only temporarily stop the problem and before long this toxic mould will be back with a vengeance and some cleaning products can even accelerate the growth of the mould. This is why it is so important to get to the root cause of the problem when removing the mould.  We recommend removing the paint layer along with the mould because the paint type often plays a part in the mould growth. Protective masks should always be worn when removing toxic mould.

Understanding the material make up of the wall and ceiling surfaces is the first step in preventing the ongoing issue of mould and damp in your home because condensation will be attracted to certain materials and surfaces for example cold impervious surfaces with little or no insulation in place

We can aim to increase the airflow to help reduce the problem for example we can install trickle vents and wall vents however none of these things will help to raise the temperature of a cold wall and having open vents in your walls during cold winter months is not practical or economical.

One of the most common wall surfaces that bring trouble in the way of black spot mould problems are external facing solid walls with no cavity. These walls are problematic because they get very cold during winter months and the low temperature of the wall plays a big part in the attraction of condensation which promotes the growth of black spot mould. 

Insulating your cold walls will permanently stop black spot mould from forming

In the above video I walk you through a project in Coventry. This home had black spot mould, Damp and condensation on the external facing solid walls. As mentioned above these walls can suffer from cold during winter months and the low surface temperature on the inside attracts condensation and damp. 

We were able to completely eliminate the damp and mould problem by applying a revolutionary market leading spray cork. This is our thinnest wall insulation product and we are approved installers of spraycork coatings in Warwickshire offering a full written 25year warranty on all spray cork jobs. 

How does Spray Cork work?

100% Natural & Sustainable

The spray cork product is 100% natural and sustainable using fine cork granules we mix the cork with a high strength resin and apply the cork in 2 to 3 coats building up to around 6mm in thickness. The product must be spray applied to fully maximize surface coverage and thickness build up.

Due to its high heat storage capacity the cork layers raise the thermal resistance of the surface and completely stop condensation from forming onto the wall surface.

During this process we fully protect your homes furnishings and fixtures using plastic sheeting and carpet protection

Finishing & decorating

Once the cork layers are fully cured we can then return to apply a plaster skim coat which creates a smooth paintable surface ready for decoration. 

We can take care of any radiators, power points and skirting boards allowing for a stress free and professional delivery of the product. Once plastering is complete a drying time of around 10 days is needed this lets the cork layers and the plaster skim coats fully dry out before painting your walls.

The total thickness of the cork and plaster layers together is only around 7mm yet the thermal improvements are big making the spray cork insulation the most effective internal wall insulation product for TIWI category ( Thin internal wall insulation)

Spray Cork 

Thin External Wall Insulation 

Colour Coat

Internal & External uses

The spray cork product can also be used as an external coloured coating that can be used to over spray existing brick, render and even tile substrates the material is highly flexible and will not crack like traditional render making it ideal to insulate and cover over tired cracked renders the external finish comes in a number of colour choices.

Some of the Spray Cork external colour choices

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