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Coventry & Warwickshire..

Coventry based soundproofing company SD Roberts plastering & wall insulation specialist we can soundproof your walls against nuisance noise call the soundproofing company in Warwickshire that will reduce background sounds & irritating noise disturbing your quiet space. 

We can install market leading slimline sound panels to your walls. Significantly dampen sound from adjoining properties & rooms within your home, unwanted noise coming through walls can be reduced by up to 48db at only 30mm thickness.

We are soundboard 4 installers

Effective sound reduction at only 30mm

Soundproofing Walls in Coventry & Warwickshire..

SD Roberts Plastering specialise in the installation of soundproofing systems to party walls & areas where background noise is causing problems such as at night. The soundboards can be fixed direct to party walls & will reduce air born sound transfer by between 48 - 52db 

Installing Soundboard to reduce party wall noise

What is Soundboard 4?

Soundboard 4 is a 4 part high performance acoustic panel. 

The sound boards are extremely slimline when compared to more traditional sound proofing systems so floor space is not compromised. The product  is applied 'direct to wall' & fixed with screws. it contains 4 layers made up of acoustic plasterboard, mass loaded vinyl & acoustic foam. It is effective in reducing noise such as conversation, TV noise & moderate music coming through from party walls. The soundboard 4 is only 30mm thick but can significantly reduce nuisance unwanted noise from adjoining properties

The market leading slimline sound panel offering superb sound insulation at only 30mm

What makes soundboard 4 superior to other more traditional sound insulation systems?

Some common low budget systems used to prevent sound from travelling between walls such as timber frame & mineral wool , Although the mineral wool sound slabs are fairly effective in sound absorption this system will only offer low level reduction in problematic & irritating noise from making its way into your space this is because in order to reduce sound transfer heavy materials such as the mass loaded vinyl layers contained in the soundboard 4 is required to absorb the sound. Timber framing is needed to carry the new wall but unfortunately the timbers do not do a great job in absorbing the sound & so in some cases can actually make the problem worse. 

Soundboard 4 

Peace of mind. 

Peace & quiet.

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