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What causes damp at the base of the wall?

Problems caused by rising damp

Damp internal walls are unfortunately a significant problem for many homeowners. When a property has damp you'll find it can effect the atmosphere in the house dramatically, a general dampness pervades with an unpleasant musty smell & often a chill due to the fact that damp patches on walls reduce heat insulation. The consequent mould also looks very unsightly & can cause health issues when harmful mould spores become airborne & cause respiratory problems. Further more rising damp can also lead to structural damage when left untreated for prolonged periods. When you see evidence of damp in a property it is important to take steps to rectify the damp & create a habitable & comfortable living space

How can rising damp be fixed?

Following a site inspection we fix rising damp issues using a chemical injection system by first stripping away the contaminated plaster & skirting board to expose the damp brickwork which is then cleaned (salt & mould particles must be completely removed) the wall is then treated with a sealing agent to prevent spores escaping & also to create a bond for the new plaster surface to adhere to. 

Holes are drilled into the brickwork just behind the skirting line & the brickwork is injected with a chemical DPC (damp proof course) This chemical makes the injected brick non permeable to moisture therefore preventing damp from passing through & spreading into the wall. The treated walls are then plastered using cement based & moisture / vapour control board

Identifying the source of damp

Rising damp problems - The most popular solution is to install a remedial damp proof course in the form of chemical injection 

Penetrating damp - The first step is to repair the fault in the building that is allowing the water ingress and then you can deal with any damp or related problems such as contaminated plaster

Condensation patches and mould on walls : Condensation problems are caused by a lack of ventilation in most situations condensation problems can be rectified without the need for chemical DPC or replastering works

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All damp treatment products & plaster products installed by us are BBA approved we offer a full gaurantee on all workmanship 

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