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The problem with solid walls in older homes..

If you are searching for home insulation companies in Warwickshire and would like your cold solid walls insulated then your in the right place.  Solid walls with no cavity draw up to 35% of your homes heat. We offer a range of effective insulation options that will significantly reduce heat loss on solid walls.

Image shows un-insulated solid wall next to fully insulated wall with a 64% thermal improvement

Does your home suffer with black spot mould and condensation? 

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Heat loss through solid walls

The above thermal image was taken  from a case study in Leamington Spa on a 3 bed Victorian semi detached property that we insulated. The wall on the left (blue) is not insulated & is extracting between 30 - 35% of the rooms heat. The wall on the right (red) has been insulated with internal wall insulation & now is extremely effective in keeping out the cold & retaining heat.

According to the energy saving trust one third of your homes heat is lost through external walls. Many homes built before the 1940s were built using solid brick construction which means there is no cavity between the bricks,instead the bricks are tied together to form one solid wall. These buildings are strong and timeless but unfortunately they have very poor insulation value and government is tackling this issue currently by installing high performance solid wall insulation nationwide in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions. More people today are finding ways to improve EPC ratings on their properties.

High heating bills

People living in these dwellings use excessive amounts of heating during cold winter months in an attempt to warm their homes. due to the poor insulation value of these properties a large portion of heat generated is literally sucked through the walls and so heating is usually turned up high & left on for extended periods of time creating expensive energy bills.

People are surprised to discover that 35% of heat is lost through solid external walls, even when double glazing, loft insulation & sufficient floor insulation is installed, Solid walls are often over looked but they play a big part in heat loss.

Why insulating from the inside makes sense

There are many benefits to internal wall insulation..

Specialist Installers

Save energy & money..

SD Roberts Plastering Specialise in the installation of internal wall Insulation.  We have a number of systems & products that will eradicate heat loss, draft & condensation.

The options..

Polystyrene backed plasterboard

This option is very popular & will increase the thermal resistance of a solid wall enough to create a comfortable living space that will retain heat & stop condensation from forming on the walls. This option will be suited to customers who have a limited budget but who are looking to reduce heating bills by reducing their homes rate of heat loss.

PIR Plasterboard

PIR plasterboard offers a much higher level of thermal resistance to walls & is foil backed adding a VPC element to the insulation (vapour control layer) PIR insulation will significantly reduce heat loss & energy costs in your home when installed to cold outside facing walls & will stop condensation & mould from forming. This option is suited to customers who want to make long term investments to their property & future proof solid walls.

Spray cork insulation

Spray cork insulation is a market leading T.I.W.I product (thin internal wall insulation) at only 8mm in thickness the cork insulation can reduce heat loss by 30% & also offers the same or similar benefits as other much thicker products such as condensation prevention & raising thermal resistance on solid walls. This product is very versatile & can be used on a multitude of applications including external renders & roof systems. This option is aimed at customers who are looking to improve thermal performance in their home but do not wish to sacrifice floor space or deal with the sometimes long winded disruption & costs of having the thicker insulation products installed.  The installation process is much faster & can often be a more cost effective option.

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